<![CDATA[Marci Girl Designs - Blog]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 08:31:23 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[2016 Finish-A-Long - Quarter One]]>Fri, 08 Jan 2016 19:12:32 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/2016-finish-a-long-quarter-oneOh my, I blogged twice in one week!  Crazy times folks, crazy times.  I am here today because I really want to participate in the Finish-A-Long this year because it is hosted by so many of my (thanks to Quiltcon) real life friends.  I am really sad that I didn't get to play along any last year with host Adrianne from On the Windy Side because I had the pleasure of meeting her at Quiltcon and she is absolutely a doll.  So I am jumping back on board and setting obtainable goals this time, (not crazy long lists) in hopes of actually getting some of my WIPs finished.  Now if you read my blog post on Wednesday (the 100 Day Challenge) you will see that some of these goals overlap and the time frame is around the same time, but the challenges are different and the finish-a-long focuses on preexisting works in progress.  So that is what I am here to talk about today.  I am going to focus on finishing two projects.
1.  My Constellations City Sampler Quilt - The top finished for over two years, basted and ready to quilt.  I have a plan to quilt it and the thread, no excuses, get this baby DONE.
2.  My Zakka Postcards Wall Hanging Quilt - The quilt top is finished and if I remember correctly this one is basted too.  My first goal will be finding it, because I don't know where it is right now.  Yikes, that is how long it has been sitting (so sad.)  So this photo of it is obviously old, sorry about that. *Edited to add:  I have found the missing quilt since writing this and yes it is basted and looks exactly like the photo above (for some reason I thought I added borders, guess not.)

That is it.  Two goals, get them both quilted, bound and then blog about them, which is actually harder for me to accomplish these days, but even if I have to stay up all night long to do it, by golly I will.

You have plenty of time to join along with the Finish-A-Long if you wish, just click on the image below to find all of the detail and information.  Hopefully next time I am blogging it will be about a finished project.
<![CDATA[100 Day Challenge - Quilt Edition]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2016 18:56:31 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/100-day-challenge-quilt-editionHappy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and now are looking forward to all that the new year brings.  I'm happy to be here blogging again and setting goals, goals I intend to keep and accomplish!  I'll be joining along with the Finish Along that has been running for a few years now, but when I read that Quilter in the Closet was hosting a 100 Day Challenge, I figured I would play along too.  You can read all the details on Jen's blog, but basically you set 3 crafty/quilty goals to accomplish in 100 days, because 100 days is a better time frame than a goal or resolution for an entire year, right?  I thought so, so here I am, putting these goals or resolutions here in my little bloggy world.  Ready, set, go...
My three goals for this 100 Day Challenge:
1.  Quilt my Constellations City Sampler Quilt.  It is basted and ready to quilt, sitting for almost two years now. (Insert EEK face!)  I want it finished and this is my big goal to complete.
2.  Blog more consistently.  So I am making it my goal this year to blog at least once a month, hopefully more.  My goal for this challenge also includes blogging about the projects I finish, thus they aren't finished until I blog about them.
3.  Selfish sewing.  I want to sew at least one item of clothing, either for myself or my little girl.  Patterns and fabric have already been chosen and washed.  I really want to make the Laurelhurst by Straight Stitch Designs, shown below.
Photo by Straight Stitch Designs
There we have it, my three goals for the 100 Day Challenge, ending April 15, 2016.  Feel free to play along, head on over to Quilter in the Closet's blog, (click on the image below) for all the details.  See you guys soon because it makes me awfully sad that I blogged two times last year.  So here is to a New Year!
Quilter in the Closet
<![CDATA[Sew Ready to Play - Bocce Ball]]>Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:34:02 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/sew-ready-to-play-bocce-ball
Hi guys!  I'm dropping in today to let you know that I am guest blogging over at I'm Feelin' Crafty.  Louise kindly asked me to play along this year (my first time) and I was thrilled to participate.  This year is her 5 year anniversary of the event based on sewing and games.  How fun!  I created a tutorial for fabric Bocce Balls, making the game safe for all ages to play.  Even if you don't want to play Bocce, hop over to learn how to sew a great fabric ball that all kids would love to receive.  So if you have a minute, scoot on over HERE to see my post and tutorial.  Thanks so much Louise for having me, it was a fun project.

Here’s the list of amazing creators that are playing along this year! Be sure to join us often!!!

Sept 7th- Debbie from A Quilter's Table

Sept 9th- Jennifer from Busy Being Jennifer

Sept 11th- Ari from Max California

Sept 16th- Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

Sept 18th- Karly from Paisley Roots

Sept 21st- Louise from I’m Feelin’ Crafty

Sept 23rd- Narelle from Cook, Clean, Craft

Sept 25th- Al from Shaffer Sisters

Sept 28th- Rachel from Let's Begin Sewing

Sept 30th- Marci from Marci Girl Designs

<![CDATA[It Has Been a Long Time in so Many Ways]]>Fri, 31 Jul 2015 23:25:44 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/it-has-been-a-long-time-in-so-many-waysAlmost a year, not quite, but too long really.  A lot has changed in my life personally.  I promise, all good, but I do find I'm a wee bit busier these days and blogging just had to take a back burner for a while, but hopefully I am back.  So enough about all that, let's get to business today as my time is limited!
I am here today to show off my latest finish, my Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge project.  If we signed up we were sent a bundle of six, fat eighth fabrics from the line The Cottage Garden designed by The Quilted Fish.  The six fabrics were from the aqua colorway and we had the option to add in Riley Blake Fabrics solids or any other prints from the line.  One of the requirements of this challenge was to do something we have never done before with this fabric, so almost instantly I knew I wanted to try out patchwork/quilted clothing as this is something I have never done before.  So I hopped online, saw the pink colorway, ordered more fabric and set out on a plan.
I looked through the patterns I already owned, as one of my missions this year was to sew my own stash/pattern stash and use what I already have.  I found the Anna Maria Horner pattern, All Set and decided I had to make the super cute jacket included in the pattern.  After reading through the pattern instructions I decided that I could make this jacket reversible, fairly easily, so why not.  One side in the pink colorway and the other in an aqua/pink mixture.  And if you were wondering, yes, this is for a girl and maybe that has something to do with why I haven't been blogging!  I quickly set to work cutting fabric, decided on a simple 2" x 2" patchwork and several parts of the jacket I decided to cut out as whole pieces, like the top/back of the hood and the front button plackets simply so it wouldn't be too busy.  I cut out all my fabric only to discover I didn't have enough and had to order more.  Live and learn.
Once I received the second shipment of fabric, I finished cutting and then started piecing all those 2" (finished size) squares.  I made chunks of patchwork fabric just big enough for each jacket pattern piece to fit on, and then cut out each piece from the "created" fabric.  I had to cut two of each piece so that it would be reversible, with the exception of the button plackets, they worked as is.  I then dug through all my cotton batting scraps and cut out each piece from the batting, which was a great use of those scraps by the way.  So now I officially had a quilt, a "front", batting middle and a "back."  It took a bit of manipulating to cut out each piece identically on the front and inside as I wanted the squares to line up on both sides the same, does that make sense?  I hope so.  I also had to change the construction method of the jacket as I was making it reversible but since I've been making clothes FOREVER it wasn't hard for me to figure out.
I sewed the jacket together, mostly following the pattern directions, treating the front and batting as one layer and the back patchwork piece as the lining.  Some of the steps were easier as I didn't have to hem the jacket or sleeves, some were a pain trying to line up, but overall I would call it a success.  The button placket was one of the last steps and I even used the Riley Blake ribbon that tied the bundle of fabric together to create the button loops.  I love that detail!  On the other side I used scraps of the aqua text to create the button loops.  Before I knew it the jacket was together and all it needed was buttons and some quilting to officially make it a quilt!
I then took about a two month break for personal reasons (hint, hint) and then found a free moment to run to JoAnn Fabrics for the buttons as I had NOTHING in my stash that would even closely work.  After a bit of debate I settled on some super shiny pink crystal buttons for one side and some awesome plastic crystal clear ovals for the other side because in order for this thing to be reversible it needed buttons on both sides.  I hand stitched on the buttons, careful not to let the stitching show through to the other side.  I then took another long break for no real reason other than the fact that apparently I like doing everything at the last possible minute.  So two days ago I decided to quilt this thing!
I have never quilted clothing before, much less quilted anything that was 3D of sorts, and by that I mean the fact that I decided to start on the front, quilt over the shoulder and continue onto the back.  So I basted with pins around the shoulder area as this area would need the most manipulation and just went for it.  I chose a simple five petal flower and loops in a line following inside of the patchwork squares.  This post was titled, "It Has Been A Long Time," for another reason too, I haven't free motion quilted in around a year.  Crazy right?  Especially considering that I LOVE IT.  Well just like riding a bike, I hoped back on and thankfully with no problems and great tension I quilted this jacket.  I kept it simple and basically quilted three lines of design on the jacket body and two short lines on each side of the hood.  It went so quickly I wondered why I waited so long to do it, (I was scared, honestly!)
I loved the end result, buried the threads and this reversible jacket sized for a 2 year old girl (who won't wear it for another 2 years, hint, hint) was all finished.  The pattern and the instructions were great, the fabric is pretty and super girly and the challenge was fun.  As always I'm thankful for the Modern Quilt Guild and these challenges as each time I stretch my limits, knowledge and learn something new.
I also wanted to thank Riley Blake Fabrics and The Quilted Fish for hosting this challenge.  As an individual member these are just the sorts of things that make the Modern Quilt Guild feel like more of a community for me and allow me to participate in these challenges that used to be reserved for group members only.  So thank you, it is fun!  Also thanks to all my followers that are still here for being patient with me while I took this much needed time off. 
<![CDATA[Cascade Blog Hop - My Stop of the Tour!]]>Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:54:54 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/cascade-blog-hop-my-stop-of-the-tour
It is time for me to show off my creation with Jessica Levitt's brand new line of fabrics, Cascade by Windham Fabrics.  I was sent these fabrics a few months ago and I decided to create a little outfit for my youngest, which will also be displayed in Jessica's Quilt Market Booth.  I felt the fabrics just seemed perfect for a little boy's outfit, cool and sophisticated blues.
i chose one pattern that I made lots of times, the hat, which is a free pattern from Oliver + S, the Reversible Bucket Hat, and two patterns for the shirt and pants that I had not sewn from before, both by Blank Slate Patterns.  The shirt is the Prepster Pullover, and the pants are the Coastal Cargos.  Both of these patterns can be purchased HERE.
I think they turned out really cute on my little guy.  The fabric and fabric print scale suited these patterns perfectly and created a dressy outfit for my little man.  Too bad of the 200+ photos that I took of him at the park, these three were the best of the day.  He just wasn't wanting to pose that day.  Both the pants and shirt have the option to roll up the sleeves and pants hem, which I did for these pictures, isn't that a cute detail.
If you are interested in reading my thoughts and further details of each of these patterns, then keep on reading below and stick around for a fantastic giveaway at the end of this post.  I took a lot of photos of the outfit itself and have them in slide show style below because there were just so many pictures!
First up is the Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns.  This pattern is labeled as intermediate and I would say that is exactly right.  The instructions are step by step and very clearly shown with photos, but there are a lot of techniques and some of the steps (like installing the cuffs or collar) would be very difficult for a beginner.  I chose three prints from the Glacier colorway for the shirt, and one of the best things about this fabric line is that Jessica created solids that match perfectly with each of the colorways.  I chose to use one of these solids in the placket and collar of the shirt, which I think creates a really nice contrast.  I also have to say that the placket construction in this pattern is the easiest and best looking that I have ever done.  It really is genius and my favorite detail of the shirt.

This shirt has a lot of buttonholes (7,) which is also not for a beginner because it is nerve wracking to have to stitch all those buttonholes on a finished garment.  Thankfully my machine makes a beautiful buttonhole and I didn't have any problems with getting really nice professional looking buttonholes.  I used simple opalescent white buttons on the shirt, I didn't want to distract from the fabric and I didn't want the buttons to necessarily stand out, but rather blend in.

I originally made a muslin in a size 2T (which is the size I should have made based on my son's measurements) but when I tried it on him, it was a wee bit too tight.  So for the final version here I upped it to a 3T, which was perfect.  I found that it being a pullover shirt the fit was a little tight through the chest and armhole area, so increasing a size fixed this problem.  The only change I made to the pattern was adding the little contrasting loop to the back of the shirt, I thought this was just a nice little extra detail, it doesn't really serve a purpose, it just looks cute.

I had one problem with the pattern when it came time to doing the cuffs, so I emailed Melissa (of Blank Slate Patterns) and she responded within the hour with help, which was really nice.  I didn't expect a response that quickly.  So the problem was solved and I was thoroughly impressed.

Overall it is a great pattern, easily customizable for a ton of different looks.  It comes in a large range of sizes, 18m to 8 years, so it can be used for a long time!  If you are looking for a really classic shirt for a little boy, then I highly recommend this pattern.
The pants are also by Blank Slate Patterns and are the Coastal Cargos.  I adore these pants and plan to make plenty more in the future.  I used two fabrics from the Glacier colorway, and decided to use the solid as the main fabric, it has such a nice soft but sturdy hand to it and in the end I think it made a really classic pair of pants.

This pattern is also labeled as intermediate, and as before I think that is exactly right.  Just difficult enough that a beginner might really struggle.  These pants are really customizable with the option of adding welt pockets to the back, front pockets, side cargo pockets, belt loops and the side and inner seam details.  All of these items can be left off, making for a quicker easier make, but honestly they are just so darn cute why would you want to leave them off.  This pattern also ranges from 18m to 8 years, so you will use it for a long time.

Honestly I had never sewn a welt pocket before and was pleasantly pleased at how easy and professional looking they really came out.  I had no problem installing them and the step by step instructions really were simple and clear to understand.  This pattern does feature an actual zippered fly, but since my little one is still in diapers, I chose to make a faux fly instead, which I think looks just as nice, it just isn't functional.  Every step of the pants is pretty straight forward and just a matter of taking one step at a time.

I made a muslin first in a 2T (which was based on my child's measurements) and I found the fit really spot on, so for these pants I also made a 2T, the overall size and length were perfect.  I love the fact these pants have an elasticized back waist band, which really makes getting the perfect fit so easy.

I used the small raindrop print as the side and inner seam detail and I just love how that turned out, like perfect little raindrops flowing down the sides of the pants.  Once again I would highly recommend this pattern, it is very customizable and creates a really great pair of pants for a little boy.
Last but not least is the matching bucket hat for the outfit.  This is a pattern from the book, Little Things to Sew by Oliver + S, but is offered as a free download as a promotion for the book.  I have made this hat around 7 times before and knew that it was a great pattern and I thought it would just be the perfect addition to this little outfit.

I think this pattern would suit a confident beginner to intermediate only because the entire hat is composed of sewing curves.  If you take your time you can totally do it, but you just have to sew slowly and pin a lot.  This pattern comes in four sizes and you really have to measure your child's head to get the right size, and in my opinion, when in doubt, always go a size up!

It is a great pattern for boys or girls, completely reversible, which is great and you get two fantastic looks instead of one.  It also sews up really quickly, like a 2 hour project start to finish.  I highly recommend it!

Giveaway closed, thank you to all that entered!

Now it is time for the giveaway!  Windham Fabrics has graciously agreed to giveaway a Fat Quarter Bundle of these not yet released (February 2015 is the estimated release date) fabrics.  To enter my giveaway follow me on Instagram (@Marci_Girl) and come back here and leave me a comment that you are a follower.  My blog followers get the chance for a second entry, so if you are a blog follower leave a second comment letting me know!  Easy enough!  They are giving away a bundle of these fabrics at each stop of the tour, so make sure you visit the other stops, plenty of chances to win!  You have until October 23, 2014 at 11:59 CST to enter so don't delay.

Thanks so much to Jessica for letting me have the chance to create something for her Quilt Market Booth and to have the opportunity to play with these really gorgeous fabrics before anyone else even got to see them.  It was really fun and I hope she liked the finished product as much as I did.  Now I just can't wait to start seeing all the photos from Quilt Market next week!
<![CDATA[2014 Finish Along - Fourth Quarter]]>Tue, 14 Oct 2014 22:24:46 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/2014-finish-along-fourth-quarter Anyone else starting to feel defeated?  I mean where did the year go, and why in the heck can't I stay committed to finishing up these darn projects.  I have certainly learned something this year while participating in the Finish Along.  The quarters that are successful are the ones in which I make a short doable list.  If I make a super long list, it just isn't going to happen, I give up and barely finish anything (like last quarter with one finish.)  That being said, this quarter is going to consist of a short list, something I can actually accomplish.  So here we go...
1.  Postage Stamp Quilt - This one is insanely close to finished, I have the binding stitched onto the quilt, I literally just have to hand stitch it on the back, and then I'm done.
2.  Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt - This quilt is quilted and trimmed, sitting awaiting for me to make binding and stitch it on.  That is it folks, it just needs binding.
3.  City Sampler Quilt - This quilt is sitting awaiting for me to quilt it, I really want to have this one done by Christmas, so hence it made the list this quarter.
4.  Christmas Quilt - This one is just blocks, but it sure would be nice to actually use this one this Christmas, and I'm thinking it will be fun to work on a Christmas quilt around the Christmas holidays, so we shall see how far I get.
That is it, short doable list!  As always, thank you Katy at The Littlest Thistle for hosting the Finish Along, it sure is nice to actually work towards my goals, whether I am successful or not, and I am appreciative of that!  Well that is it for today, wish me luck on my list!

Finish Along 2014
<![CDATA[Cascade Blog Hop Tour]]>Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:38:49 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/cascade-blog-hop-tour
I've been doing some secret sewing and I finally get to share!  I was really fortunate to be able to work with Jessica Levitt and her brand new line of fabrics, Cascade for Windham Fabrics.  I received a preview of the fabrics a few months ago, and then after picking my project (with Jessica's approval) I was sent fabric and I sewed up a project for her Quilt Market booth.  I am insanely excited about this, and really happy with my project, which I will share with you guys on Thursday.  In the meantime if you want a sneak peak, go check out the Cascade Lookbook, my project is Number 8!
The blog hop tour starts today on Jessica's blog, Juicy Bits.  Hop on over to see the three beautiful quilts that she (and others) made, they are all stunning and each showcase the fabrics beautifully.  At each stop of the blog hop, Windham has graciously agreed to give away a fat quarter bundle of Cascade fabrics, so don't miss your chance to win and visit each stop of the tour!
The Cascade Blog Hop Schedule:
Monday October 13th - Jessica Levitt - Juicy Bits / Windham Fabrics
Tuesday October 14th - Julie Herman - Jaybird Quilts / Jenn Nevitt -knit ’n lit
Wednesday October 15th - Amanda Kattner - What the Bobbin / Andy Knowlton - a bright corner
Thursday October 16th - Marci Debetaz - Marci Girl Designs / Jennifer Auh Chon - Sunny in Cal
Friday October 17th - Angela Walters - Quilting is my Therapy / Rachel Gander - Imagine Gnats
Saturday October 18th - Elizabeth Timmons - and pins / Andrea Taddicken - knitty bitties
Sunday October 19th - Erin Erickson - Dog Under my Desk / Jessica Skultety - Quilty Habitt
Monday October 20th  - Caroline Press - Trillium Design / Karin Jordan - Leigh Laurel Studios
Go visit each stop on the blog hop if you would like a chance to win these gorgeous fabrics, and join me here Thursday so I can show off my super cute project!  I was really happy with the results and can't wait to show off tons of photos of these gorgeous fabrics.
<![CDATA[A Completed Autumn Sampler]]>Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:54:17 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/a-completed-autumn-sampler
My first finish of the third quarter.  Good grief, it took me three months to get this thing finished and framed, but just in time, because Autumn has arrived!  It is now proudly hung and displayed on my living room wall, I just love it!
This cross stitch pattern is by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, and is the Autumn Sampler.  Twenty-five little boxes of Kawaii autumn goodness. I started this cross stitch about a year ago, and worked on and off for the better part of the year.  Apparently I am a really slow stitcher, extremely slow.  I loved every bit of it though, and can't wait to get really working on my next cross stitch project.  I find they are perfect for car rider line in the afternoons.
My first official finish of the 2014 Finish Along hosted by Katy of The Littlest Thistle.  You can see my third quarter finish along list HERE.  I'm currently working on finishing up 2 more things from my list, so wish me luck, I really want to knock some quilts off my list.

Finish Along 2014
<![CDATA[Craft Book Month Blog Hop]]>Thu, 04 Sep 2014 12:00:31 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/craft-book-month-blog-hop
Hello everyone!  Welcome to my stop on the Craft Buds Craft Book Month Blog Hop, whew, that was a mouthful!  I was thrilled when Lindsay asked me back this year, as this is one of my favorite yearly events.  Nothing better than actually using those craft books you have purchased that are just sitting and collecting dust.  Last year I made a handbag and apparently I can not stray from that theme, as this year I have made another handbag!  Oh I love it so!
I dug through my collection of books for a while before settling on Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook, written by Anna Maria Horner.  Have I ever mentioned that I am obsessed with her, like LOVE LOVE LOVE everything she creates and touches.  I can't wait to meet her next year at QuiltCon, hopefully I can muster up the courage to actually talk to her and not just stare at her like a freak.. Anyways, back to the point.  This book has so many lovely projects in it, it was really hard to pick just one, but in the end I settled on Star-Crossed Love found on pages 65-68.  You can see the project from the book below.  How cute is that and I really don't own many "dressy" clutches, so win, win.
One of the things I love about this book is the huge mixture of handwork projects, from cross stitch, needlework and crewel.  I chose this project because of time constraints, honestly I am a very slow stitcher, and thank goodness I did because I finished this project yesterday.  I literally stitched on this baby for well over a month, every evening, every car rider line, stitching and more stitching.  But I love it, so it was time well spent.
This project had a short list of supplies, crewel wool, metallic embroidery thread, Aida, backing fabric, a zipper, interfacing and lining fabric.  Easy enough!  I was able to find the crewel wool locally, along with everything else except for the right size Aida.  The pattern called for 11 count Aida, and all I could find in black was 14.  So I went with it.  Well if you are a stitcher, then you know that 14 is smaller than 11, 14 holes per inch vs. 11 holes per inch.  Thus the scale of my handbag changed immediately.  No big deal, I just had to stitch a lot more and I reduced the amount of threads I was using per pinwheel (I used 2 instead of 3.)  This stitch is called the Milanese Pinwheel, something I had never done before.  After two of them, I had the hang of it and didn't have to refer back to the book at all, just fun stitching all those pinwheels.  I chose crewel wool in jewel tones, just picked out what I liked and I am so pleased with the color scheme.
After the pinwheels were complete, I then took the metallic embroidery thread (I chose silver) and I stitched a running stitch behind and around every single pinwheel.  For some odd reason I thought this was going to be the easy quick part, well I was wrong, it took just as long or longer than the pinwheels.  But I have to say the effect was worth it, It shines!
Once the stitching was complete, all I had to do was make a pouch!  That was so easy, I sewed this thing up in 30 minutes, which was really nice compared to the hours and hours of hand stitching.  I found a black on black velvet like motif on a denim like substrate to use as the backing, it feels great.  I bought a "fashion" zipper from JoAnn's, which had metal teeth which is more durable than the plastic ones.  I used an older Laura Gunn print on the interior simply because I like it and felt like it added a little pizazz to the finished product.
Upon completion, my finished clutch measures 7" x 9" and is the perfect size for date night!  I had almost a whole skein of the metallic silver left over, so I made a simple tassel to hook onto the zipper pull.  Voila, finished!  I created a little slideshow below to show the various stages of the project, it is neat to remember the pinwheels before the metallic thread was added.  I can not wait to have an event where I can actually use this thing, I am really proud of it.
Now that I have dusted off my craft book, it is time for you to dust off yours!  You have the whole month of September to create something and enter it over at Craft Buds.  All details can be found below if you click on that little square button.  Thanks for joining me today on my stop of the blog hop!  Now go create something!
<![CDATA[Craft Book Month and Other Random Ramblings]]>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 14:01:05 GMThttp://www.marcigirldesigns.com/blog/craft-book-month-and-other-random-ramblings Sorry for the radio silence around here, I've been busy to say the least.  I'm sure you have already heard, but if you haven't, I didn't make it past the first round of Sewvivor.  Yep, I got the boot.  Yes, I was disappointed, I mean really disappointed, and may have moped around for a few days.  But, I am happy to say that life goes on, I'm over it and steady sewing!  Actually doing a LOT of secret sewing that I can't share for a while, so that is why I've been absent.  I do want to thank all my followers and friends, because I did receive over 200 votes for my little bag, and I'm really proud of that and I have all of you to thank for that!

Now let me talk about some of that secret sewing for a moment, one of the things I've been working on will be shared next week as part of the Craft Book Month Blog Hop, hosted by Craft Buds, I'll be here next Thursday showing off my Craft Book creation!  I'm not done with that project yet, so I better get stitching, and I may or may not have shown off a sneaky peak over on my Instagram account.

All of the Craft Book Month information is below, and it really is a great event that encourages you to pull out those craft books you bought and USE THEM.  And no, this is not limited to quilting/sewing.  Do you have a great canning recipe book?  Preserve some food, enter to win.  Knit or crochet something, enter to win.  Easy peasy!  The prizes were announced today, which are really awesome, so there is no excuse not to create something, enter and hopefully win!

I'll be back next week, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Craft Book Month
September marks the 4th Annual Craft Book Month at Craft Buds! This year, we're excited to celebrate all month long with a blog hop of inspiring craft book projects and LOTS of giveaways for sewing along with a sewing, knitting, cookbook or other craft book of YOUR CHOICE. If you are a craft book hoarder, you are not alone. Several years ago, I had an urge to dust off my craft books, unfold those crisp pattern sheets and put those patterns to good use by actually making some projects. :)

2014 Craft Book Month Blog Hop!

I've teamed up with some fabulous bloggers who will be showing off their projects made from craft books, all month long! Monday 9/1: Fabric Mutt / Lindsay Sews Tuesday 9/2: Rae Gun Ramblings / Craftside Wednesday 9/3: The Feisty Redhead / The Fabric Studio Thursday 9/4: Marci Girl Designs / Small Town Stitcher Friday 9/5: LRstitched / A Prairie Sunrise
Monday 9/8: Hopeful Threads / sewVery Tuesday 9/9: 13 Spools / Lisa Liza Lou Wednesday 9/10: Stitch This! / My Sewcial Hour Thursday 9/11: The Littlest Thistle / Fabric Seeds Friday 9/12: Sew Sweetness / Clover + Violet Monday 9/15: Inspire Me Grey / amylouwho

Link Up

9/1-9/30: Link up your craft book project at Craft Buds from your blog or Flickr account, and enter to win prizes. To participate in the month-long contest, just link up any project you've made from a pattern in a craft book. That easy! You'll tell us a little about the book, the project, how you personalized it, etc. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October, 1!


1) One entry per person. 2) Your craft book project must have been completed in 2014. 3) Create a new blog post or Flickr photo (dated September 1, 2014 or later) and link back to Craft Buds/Craft Book Month in your post or photo description. In your post or photo description, make sure to list the craft book you used and provide a link if possible. 4) All winners chosen via Random.org. Some prizes available to international winners, so please join us!


Visit Craft Buds and link up your craft book project during the window of Sept 1-30 and you'll automatically be entered to win some fantastic prizes from the Craft Book Month sponsors! More info coming soon . . .
Craft Book Month at Craft Buds